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Greetings from our VP of Membership!

Hi everyone! My name is May Le and I’m the Vice President of Membership for 2022. I am from Oakland, California and I study Psychology here at Berkeley. On behalf of our chapter I would love to welcome you back to Berkeley!


We will be starting our Fall Recruitment at the start of the 2022-2023 school year to welcome more sisters into our family. However, throughout the year we may have openings in our chapter. If you’re interested in Greek Life at any point in the year, please reach out!


Being a part of ZTA is about friendship, involvement, leadership, fun and so much more! Through our sisterhood events such as spin classes, Great America excursions, karaoke and ice skating in San Francisco, I’ve gotten so much closer to this group of amazing women. Through our philanthropy events such as passing out Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons at football games and Zeta Late Night, I have come to see how passionate we all are about our philanthropy. The other day, I was waiting for a flight in the Singapore airport and I saw someone with a breast cancer education ribbon on their backpack. It made me realize how great of an impact Zeta women have if I can see people wearing our ribbons even on the other side of the world. Through sitting downstairs all night with my sisters studying to our Alumni brunches and networking events, I’ve been inspired by the hard-working and accomplished women around me and I’ve gotten to see that Zetas will be there for me even beyond college. From athletes to engineers and everything in between, we pride ourselves on having a diverse group of women and we are so excited to bring more passionate, friendly and motivated women into our sisterhood.


Once again, please email me at if you are interested in Greek recruitment or if you have any questions. Hope to see you soon!


Zeta Love,

May Truong-Le


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