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New Member Experience

The Zeta Is Forever New Member Experience emphasizes the values of the Fraternity, found in our Creed. The weekly lessons are: Seek Greatness, Seek Understanding, Seek Purpose, Seek Sisterhood and Seek the Noblest.

Prior to the weekly meeting, new members complete an online educational workshop regarding that week’s topic. These online workshops allow for fewer lectures and more discussion and engagement with other new members during meetings, building overall sisterhood and a connection to the Fraternity. The meetings include icebreakers, a review of the online module, interactive activities and a personal reflection.

All first-year Zetas participate in the New Member Experience, CommunityEdu™, Initiation and two post-Initiation lessons (Seek Meaning and Seek Commitment) during the same semester as when they join the chapter.



Hello! I am the Vice President of New Members here at the Upsilon chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha. I am so excited to get to know all of you during Fall Formal Recruitment and to spend time with those who join our house as new members! 

The period from when you first join our amazing chapter to when you get initiated is filled with meeting your new sisters, learning all about ZTA’s rich history, and making amazing memories, and I will be there to guide you through it all! During my time as a new member, I met some of my best friends and made unforgettable memories, and I can’t wait to help our newest class of Zetas love this house as much as I do! We have a saying that Zeta is more than just four years, it’s for life, and the New Member Experience plays a big role in making sure that is the case.

In the past, our new members have gone on trips together to the Oakland Zoo, go-kart racing in San Francisco, the Exploratorium, and much more. It's an exciting time, and we are grateful to welcome incredible sisters into our fraternity every year!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at

See you in the Fall!

Statement on Hazing: Zeta Tau Alpha condones no form of hazing by any alumna, initiated member or new member. Such activities are not compatible with the ideals and traditions of the Fraternity and reflect negatively on the organization. More information regarding this topic can be found at the Zeta Tau Alpha website. We are happy to address any concerns a new member or her parents may have.

*If you have any questions, please contact our New Member Coordinator at 


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